Premium Full Auto Detailing Service

Most car owners will make sure that the exterior of their cars is immaculately clean and shiny. However, the interior of the car seems to be forgotten. Even if people will not be seeing the exterior of your car, you still have to make sure that the interior is equally clean. Here in Tony's Automotive Detailing aside from full auto detailing, I also offer full car interior detailing. I can go to your location anywhere in Santa Fe, NM so I can clean and detail your car. 


You might be wondering why you should spend money on interior detailing when you can clean it yourself. If you hire me for interior detailing, you will get your money’s worth because you will enjoy the following benefits:


Better Air Quality

Since you are in an enclosed space when inside your car, the air quality should be good. This will not happen if the interior is not properly cleaned. You can remove the garbage from the car and dust it but that will not be enough. When I am detailing a car’s interior, I remove everything on the floor and seat covers. I clean them outside the car so the dust will not just circulate inside. I will be able to reach every nook and cranny of the interior with the use of my cleaning tools. The moment I am done, your car will be free from dust and dirt. There is a certain odor in cars that are masked by the air freshener, but you will not experience that anymore. 


Prevent From Early Wear

When the interior of your car is neglected, you will not realize that some areas of the upholstery are already damaged. If I handle the interior detailing, I will not only clean the surfaces I will apply the treatment to them. The upholstery on the car seats will need the treatment so it will get damaged easily. This will add beauty to the seats since it has a glossy finish.

If you come to me for a full auto detailing, I will not only clean the surfaces but apply for protection on them as well. Come to Tony's Automotive Detailing so you will have a great looking car for a long time. I offer my services anywhere in Santa Fe, NM, call me at (505) 910-2939 today!

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